On-Page SEO

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You have a practice to run and dental SEO can be overwhelming. Let us take care of the SEO and you can focus on dentistry.

Why is On-Page SEO Important?

Have you ever wondered how Google decides which websites are shown when someone performs a search? To be visible online so your patients can find you, you need to ensure your site is optimized. Google’s algorithm takes into account both page content and technical elements when determining a page’s relevance.

At Spot On Dental SEO, we are able to help increase your chances of being seen by potential patients. Our site optimization services use elements like keyword density and image/text ratio to help increase your rankings on Google and other search engines. We also optimize your site for usability through user experience testing, making sure this website meets your needs as a business owner just as it meets our own needs as the designers working on it.


Bring in patients you want

Improve the results of your search engine ranking

Save Money

Cost effective method of publicizing your business as there is not much cost that is incurred in the process

Increase awareness of your brand

Increase conversion

Increase website traffic

On-page SEO requires knowledge of the best practices

This aspect of search engine optimization focuses on the small details of a website, such as its content and how it is presented to both the user and search engines. By designing a website in such a way as to be easily indexed by a search engine, it makes it easier for potential patients to find you.

We’ll start by conducting an audit of your content to make sure it’s the best it can be. Based on our findings, we will proceed to implement the strategy. Throughout the entire process, we will provide you with regular updates on our progress, and we will report on our successes at the end of each week.

Research and Resolution

Search engines read and evaluate website content to determine its quality in order to deliver the most relevant search results. If that content is not easily accessible, search engine results can be negatively impacted.

Overcoming Obstacles

We'll pull together a detailed assessment of your needs, and with that information at hand, we'll customize recommendations for addressing the obstacles to optimizing your site.


Upon analyzing the audit, we prioritize the order in which to address the various obstacles that are impeding organic results.

On-Page SEO & Strategy

We will use our expertise to optimize your website based on the best practices for dental websites and your patients’ needs. We’ll optimize site structure, copywriting, social media, search engine rankings, content creation, keyword research, and more.

SERP Research

Internal Links

Internal links are essential to building a strong website. Internal links connect pages in your site and help search engines find and rank the content on your site faster. When used properly, internal links can keep users engaged, increase ROI, and lower your bounce rate. Spot On Dental SEO will place only relevant, keyword-rich links that are both authoritative and relevant to the source page’s content.

Image Optimization

Image optimization includes choosing the right file format, making sure your images are the right size, renaming your images to include keywords, and adding alt text. The alt text is what Google uses to understand what an image is about—and it’s important because not everyone has images enabled on their device or browser. Alt text can help search engines understand what your site is about and make it easier for people with disabilities to access your content.

Meta Descriptions

Meta description optimization allows you to tell search engines and potential clients exactly what your content is about, so they know what to expect from your website. This can help you improve your click-through rate, which not only makes your site more appealing to users but also improves your ranking on search engine results pages.

So what is a meta description exactly? A meta description is the short paragraph of text that appears below the page title in a search result. This can be a great space to communicate to users what they will find when they click on your website. At Spot On Dental SEO, we make sure that Google and your users can find your content by making sure your meta elements are accurate, keyword-rich, and relevant to your content.

SEO-Friendly URLs

SEO-friendly URLs are important for on-page SEO because they give your pages a higher chance of being ranked highly by search engines. If a page has a URL that is easy for both humans and computers to read, it’s more likely to appear at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). This is because URLs tend to use keywords that describe what’s on the page, so search engines can tell what type of content users will find if they click through.

Keyword Research

On-page optimization is more than just adding relevant keywords to your content. You must also use your keywords in a strategic manner throughout the text. To achieve this, you need to incorporate keywords into posts in such a way as to create a natural and easy flow of words. One of the best ways to do this is by creating mini keyword clusters at major points within the body of your post. In addition, keywords should always show up in the title, URL address, first paragraph and the very last sentence of the post.

Ready to get started?

When your website is not ranking well, it often means that your competitors are doing something better than you. This can be discouraging and disheartening, but we’re going to help you get back on top!

With our help, our company can help your website rank at the top of search engine results, increasing how many people visit your site and buying the products you offer.